Vendor Info

Readers, Healers and Vendors are welcome to see details on booth sizes and pricing and SIGN UP FOR A BOOTH at an upcoming fair. This link also includes info on how we collaborate, agree to all help market, etc. Get links to Facebook Events and Flyers to help us market on our main page. Give me your address and I’ll mail them to you too. Pay for your booth after you get an invoice or at

Do you want to get to know us by WATCHING VIDEO INTERVIEWS with our vendors? Look here! Vendors, contact Laureli to schedule creating your video interview. I typically ask: 1) what do you share at a fair, 2) how is that (if it is) different from a private session with you, 3) how did you open to your intuition/gifts and/or get started doing this work, 4) plus I might ask questions about your work that spontaneously arise, and 5) how they can connect with you online.

BASIC LOGISTICS: Location addresses are below and on the main page. We typically provide a small space for readers (that fits a small table or card table) or a slightly larger space (that can include a massage table) for healers. Product vendors get a card table or slightly larger space and can optionally purchase a larger space for a higher fee. The price for a station increases as we get closer to the event to incentivize everyone to plan ahead. Soon I’ll let those who sign up early choose their space! All vendors must offer their work for a fee – not only provide free samples or marketing – so that we attract customers who empower us to sustainably share and grow our work. If this sounds like a fit for you, apply! And optionally schedule 15 minutes with Laureli to record your 3-6 minute video interview for our website.

Logistics for Fairs:

  • Addresses for venues are below and in the Facebook links
  • Arrive about 1 hour before the fair to set up (more time is possible at most venues if you are a product vendor with lots to set up (see location addresses at the bottom of the main page)
    • Portland 2018: arrive at 4:15pm (we often can’t get in until 4pm) to begin at 5pm
    • Portland 2019: arrive between 10-11am to begin at 12pm
    • Eugene: arrive between 10am-11am to begin at 12pm
    • Salem: arrive between 10-11am to begin the panel at 12pm
    • Redmond/Seattle: arrive between 10:30-11am (larger room) or at 11:30am (smaller room) to begin at 12pm
  • Bring your furniture unless you purchased use of ours – chairs are included for free in Eugene and Portland in 2019
  • Also bring
    • an ~8×11 sign for our front table describing who you are and what work you share (flyers and cards are fine too – simply share the space with everyone)
    • a sign-up sheet for your station (optional)
    • cards, flyers and other marketing materials
    • ways to take money and make change
    • everything else you need to share your work
  • Please move your car out of the parking lot as soon as you unload everything (so the best parking spaces are for customers)
  • Prepare to optionally participate in our Free Intuitive Panel. Members of the audience will ask questions and, for each question, 4-5 readers/healers will offer brief responses (usually 45 seconds or less). Share the time with your colleagues. You must offer value in your response – it not an opportunity to market your station. This portion of the event goes for about 1 hour. Afterwards, we rearrange the space and shuffle stations around. Vendors may instead see clients during this time.
  • Prepare to stay for the entire Fair
  • Contact Laureli for any requests for exceptions to the above
  • Reminder: pay for your booth when you receive an invoice from ThriveWise via Freshbooks or send money at URL
  • For the online fair(s), you’ll want to have your own account (can be a free account) set up and running so you can do sessions with our attendees. I’ll go over the detailed logistics as we get closer. And we’ll do an optional practice run.

Logistics for Night of Messages Events that we’ve pre-arranged with selected practitioners for a different day:

  • Arrive ~30+ minutes before the event
  • Optionally bring flyers, cards, products for sale, etc. for placement on a front table or in each seat along with our questions slips and feedback forms
  • Be prepared to speak briefly about yourself and your work and also your perspective about the pre-selected theme
  • Recall we’ll be doing a drawing for a free 30-minute session with one of us – we’ll let you know within a few days if you are chosen

Location Addresses

  • Portland 2018: Gem Studio, 1110 NE Glisan St, Portland
  • Portland 2019: Unity of Portland, 4525 SE Stark St, Portland
  • Redmond/Seattle: Uplift Yourself 2027 152nd Ave NE, Redmond
  • Salem: Sacred Space Spiritual Center, 2111 Front St NE, Salem
  • Eugene: Unity of the Valley, 3912 Dillard Rd, Eugene
  • Online January 13:

Contact Laureli Shimayo with any questions. or 720.352.2434

Schedule 15 minutes with Laureli to record your video interview! (see questions above in paragraph 2)